Honey Bee - set of 4 Stickers

Buy 2 or more stickers and get a 20% discount

Our Price:  £4.80


The set includes 4 bees -

2 are full wingspan, 1 is facing left and 1 is facing right.

See size information tab

Two Full Wingspan Bees  Two Smaller Bees
10cm x 4.5cm 6cm x 6cm
15cm x 9cm 9cm x 9cm
20cm x 12cm 12cm x 12cm
25cm x 15cm 15cm x 15cm
30cm x 18cm 18cm x 18cm
35cm x 21cm 21cm x 21cm
40cm x 24cm 24cm x 24cm


Etched and stained glass beauty at a fraction of the cost 

When applied on the inside of your window they will create the following effect

Glass Etch Vinyl

A semi-transparent frosted effect which looks just as if you have had the design etched on to the glass surface.

Clear Coloured Vinyl  

The clear vibrant colours allow the light to shine through - giving the same magical effect as stained or painted glass.

Transform your window in minutes. Each sticker comes with transfer paper and printed instructions.

Once the sticker has been applied it can be removed at a later date but it wont be suitable to re-use.