Flower Topiary Tree Sticker

Buy 2 or more stickers and get a 20% discount

Our Price:  £7.65


Overall the Topiary Tree including pot will measure approx.

64cm x 21cm

89cm x 30cm

The stickers will come in 3 parts for you to put together so you would be able to cut the tree stem shorter if you wish.

Etched and stained glass beauty at a fraction of the cost 

When applied on the inside of your window they will create the following effect

Glass Etch Vinyl

A semi-transparent frosted effect which looks just as if you have had the design etched on to the glass surface.

Clear Coloured Vinyl  

The clear vibrant colours allow the light to shine through - giving the same magical effect as stained or painted glass.

Transform your window in minutes. Each sticker comes with transfer paper and printed instructions.

Once the sticker has been applied it can be removed at a later date but it wont be suitable to re-use.


1. Ensure the surface you will apply the sticker to is clean, dry and stable. Glass or kitchen cupboard type surface should be cleaned using alcohol or window cleaner. If the surface is not clean then the sticker will not adhere well.

2.  Check that the sticker will fit in the required location. If needed you can use masking tape to mark where the sticker will go and to ensure it lines up straight.

3.   Place the sticker on a table or hard surface with the application layer facing upwards.
Carefully rub over the surface with your hand or credit card to ensure the sticker adheres well to the application paper and comes away easily from the backing paper.

4.  Turn the sticker over so the thicker backing paper is facing upwards and slowly peel off the backing paper leaving the sticker on the application paper. If any part of the sticker stays attached to the backing paper, lay the application paper back down and rub over with your thumb, applying pressure to that part of the sticker.

5.  With the backing paper fully removed your sticker is now ready for application to the window. Be careful as the surface is very sticky and will adhere to anything it comes into contact with.

6.  For the larger stickers this part can be a lot easier with two people. Holding the bottom of the sticker away from the surface the top of the sticker is offered up to the surface using your previous markings as a guide. The 2nd person helps to hold the bottom of the sticker away from the wall.

7.  Starting at the top using a credit card or a folded piece of cardboard, smooth the sticker slowly from the middle to the outer edges, working your way down the sticker. Any bubbles will be pushed to the outer edges.

8.  Finally you need to remove the application paper from the sticker. Beginning at a top corner start peeling the application paper slowly downwards.