Can I use the stickers outside?

Yes, both the Transparent and Frosted vinyl can be used outside although for household windows we recommend using inside of the window to get a better clear cut effect when looking out of the window (especially on double glazed units).  More Info Here

There is a yellow square background on the product image, is this part of the sticker?

No.  Our stickers are cut out of the vinyl. They are not printed.  The part that is purple in the product image is what you will receive.

Is the sticker re-usable?

No.  Once the vinyl has been positioned on the surface, it is stuck.  You will be able to remove it but you will not be able to re-use it.  Do not confuse our die cut stickers with the thicker ‘clings’

Will I need to apply each part of the design vinyl individually?

The majority of designs are supplied on one piece of transfer tape ready to position.  If a design is supplied in more than one part (usually so we can fit into a smaller envelope to save postage cost) it will be stated in the sticker description.

The ‘multi’ sets of a design we make e.g set of corners, set of bird and butterfly trios are cut into separate parts (4 and 3 respectively).

How do I apply my sticker?

A printed set of application instructions is included with your order.  They can also be viewed here

Where can I stick the stickers?

The stickers will stick to most flat shiny surfaces – e.g glass, mirrors, acrylic, plastic.

Because the vinyl we use is transparent & frosted it’s best stuck onto white or clear surfaces. If stuck onto coloured surfaces the colour will show through and effect the vinyl colour.

We include a Test Strip for you to try out before using the main design.  If the test sticker doesn’t stick either use the sticker decal on a different surface or return for a no fuss refund.


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Is my information secure?

Yes and here is our Privacy Policy


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Can I return my stickers?

Yes, if after using the test strip you decide the stickers aren’t for you or you change your mind before using the stickers then there’s no problem returning them.  Full return instructions here


How do I clean the sticker?

The vinyl can be cleaned with a soft, non-abrasive cleaning cloth.  Use a warm soapy solution, and rinse afterwards. Do not use abrasive cleaners or high pressure washers

How do I remove them?

Use fingernails to pick at an edge and lift it up.  Slowly and firmly peel back the vinyl.

Some residue can remain on the surface after you’ve removed the sticker especially if the vinyl has been in place for a number of years. This can easily be removed using a window cleaner.


Why isn’t it sticking down?

There’s really only 2 reasons why the stickers won’t stick and using the test strip included with your order should mean that you won’t need to waste your sticker.

1. If the surface hasn’t been properly prepared.  Clean with soap & water and make sure there is no oily or waxy residue on the surface.

2. Some newer windows & shower screens have been coated with a water/dirt deterrent.  In this case there is no remedy.  Either use your sticker on a different surface or return for a no fuss refund.