Lattice Filigree Lace Butterfly Stencil

Our Price:  £9.25

The size of each metal stencil is 6cm x 6cm

The size of each butterfly is
A. Large Butterfly        W5cm x H5cm 
B. Medium Butterfly    W5cm x H4.1cm 
C. Small Butterfly        W5cm x H3.3cm  

Lattice Filigree Lace Butterfly

(Sold in a set of 3)

This is a Stainless Steel stencil.

Made from thin, lightweight, 0.3mm metal.

Versatile and great for many types of crafting and card making

It's easy to clean and works with a variety of mediums. Use ink pads, embossing paste, spray inks, distress paints and stains, glitter, and chalk inks with this pretty stencil.