Snowdrop Flowers Etch Static Cling

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Static Cling Vinyl

Static clings are made from a thin vinyl film that will stick to any shiny glass surface e.g. windows, mirrors, patio doors, shower screens, conservatories or greenhouses.

Digitally printed using bright translucent colours and then cut closely around the design. The colours allow the light to shine through on both the front and the back of the cling.

They are free of adhesive and can easily be removed, repositioned and reused.

How to Fit

1. Before installation, make sure that your glass surface is clean and smooth.
2. Add a drop of washing up liquid to some water to make soapy water. Spray soapy water onto the glass where you want the cling. The soap is optional but it helps the cling slide into position.
3. Peel the cling from its backing paper and spray both sides with more soapy water.
4. Position the cling ensuring the shiny side of the cling is placed against the glass.
5. Working from the center outward, smooth the cling into place and push out water and air bubbles with a squeegee or smoothing tool such as a credit card. You can cover the squeegee with a paper towel or soft cloth to prevent it from scratching the material.
6. Remove excess water and leave to dry.
7. If you need to reposition or remove, simply peel from the edge. The cling can be stored on the original backing paper for reuse.