General Dial Information

Materials used, Finishes,  Design, Backings etc.

Dial Material

Our dials are manufactured out of solid 304 Brushed Stainless Steel.
You can choose to leave the metal bare or we can coat it with either a black or white finish.

Dial Design

We follow the original dial design very carefully using a neutral font. All the calibrated readings are identical, all warning lights are where they should be and light up the correct colour.  

Dial Illumination

Original dials have a series of numbers and notches printed onto their surface. In place of these, we cut straight through the stainless face. Behind this is placed a specially made backing.  Backings are made individually for each order allowing you to pick and choose your own colour scheme.
Other factors to be taken into account are -
1. whether the dials are  front or back lit (type of backing used)
2. colour of LEDs used in pod housing or perspex plate over bulbs (limiting colour choice) etc.
If your dials are affected by factors which influence the choice of colour then these they will be highlighted next to the photo on the website with a "more info" box.

Illumination Colours

A separate page is used to illustrate the backing colours available.
Reflective Backings used for front lit dials and Translucent Backings used for back lit dials.
A better colour for the back-lit dials can be achieved using the newer White LEDs for illumination. The original bulbs have a yellow incandescence which can draw out some of the intensity out of the blue.
For back lit illumination we are now able to offer a new colour variation of "Double Silver". This is a special material which is chrome/silver during the day but turns transparent when lit from behind allowing a new colour to shine through. So Silver Day - Red Night.
Working on this idea you can also have White Day - Blue (or any colour)  Night    (works well with the Black Finish Dials)
 We've not yet added this option to the website yet so you will need to send an email at the time of the order for Double Silver / White Day (not forgetting to choose the "hidden til lit" colours). There will be no additional charge for this.