Custom Dials

If you want something a little different we can make you a set of custom dials.  Please contact us via the online form giving us an outline of what you'd like then we'll get back to you with more details. 
We'll send you a Paypal Request and then draw up the design for your dials. We'd then send you a representation of how your dials will look and if anything needed changing it'd be no problem.  Only once you were 100% happy would we add them to our next batch of dials.
We make the custom dials in batches as to make them singularly is not cost effective. Depending upon work flow  they could take up to 12 weeks to have ready.


The cost will be the standard cost of the dials plus
1 x logo £15.00
2 x logo £25.00
3 x logo £30.00
Custom Font style - £15.00
Custom Notch style - £15.00


We can either cut the logo through the metal so it lights up or surface etch.

Font Style

Having a custom font can greatly change the overall appearance the dials. We have a few ideas below but also have a look here for inspiration







Notch Style

           Gothic Notch         Honeycomb Notch       Modern Retro Notch